Food Fight

Professor Jill Miller, Uc Berkeley

Food Fight was an art course open to any major across the UC Berkeley campus. Students focused on ways to remove the stigma out of food insecurity on campus by partnering with local community groups and using creative strategies to explore unconventional solutions to student hunger. 


In this course, we take an out-of-the-box approach to campus-wide food deficits by using creative practices to form community connections and explore different avenues for addressing the availability of nutritious, affordable foods. We start with a simple premise: all students have the right to access healthy foods when they are hungry. From there, we will work collaboratively with existing campus groups while also imagining and deploying new experiences and methods for bringing food into the hands of students. We will focus on taking the stigma out of food insecurity by creating spaces for meaningful conversation where community connections are nurtured. Projects in this hands-on studio course include: the creation of unconventional, pop-up dining experiences, wild edible food foraging lessons and cooking experiments, and fostering community engagement within the context of contemporary art and critical ideas.

The class created and self-published a collaborative cookbook on Blurb: