Black Wednesday Wall

UC Berkeley

The goal of this Black Public Arts space on campus is to celebrate the legacy, impact and value that Black students and the Black community have had throughout UC Berkeley’s history and continue to have on the UC Berkeley Campus. Many Black Alumni have avoided coming back to the UC Berkeley campus due to campus climate being unwelcoming when they attended UC Berkeley, but many of them have been excited to re-engage with the University through the recognition and celebration of the Black Wednesday Wall.

Once this wall is dedicated as a major and historical place on our campus, we hope that all people who walk on campus will see how much we embrace the richness of our diversity at UC Berkeley as well as the value we put on the diverse groups that continue to bring excellence to UC Berkeley. The Black Community will now begin to visually see UC Berkeley embrace their significance and presence on a daily basis. It will also say to the community that you belong here and we celebrate you being here. 

This is an ongoing effort.