As a team of key faculty across four north-central UC campuses we share research and professional affiliations, as well as geographic and demographic breadth. Our collective research/practices draw broadly from across the arts, design and media disciplines, including contemporary art, history/theory, curatorial studies, design + digital media, performance studies, environmental studies, sculpture, social practice, photography, and public/place-based/ community arts, architecture and urban planning.

Glenda Drew

Karolina Karlic

Shannon Jackson

Jill Miller

Jennifer Parker

Brett Snyder

Kim Yasuda


Paris Cotz

Ama Dadzie

Cozette Ellis

Mikaela Keung

Rory McCaffrey

Claire Ongaro

Soomin Suh

Russel Thomas

Malachi Tran

Dulcinea Herse Woo

Stella Zhang

Lexie Zimne