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“Home is ____" is a participatory initiative that invites the public to respond to the prompt “Home is ____" through words and images.

During the course of the pandemic in which we have seen social and racial inequalities laid colonialism and the importance of Indigenous rights. We’ve thought about the role of redlining bare, many of us have rethought our relationship to home. We’ve thought about the legacy of and single family zoning in limiting individual’s access to housing. And we’ve thought about who has the right to live where.

The “Home is ____" project asks: Is home where we are born or where we live? Is home a right or is it earned? Is home a place where we put our stuff or is it the communities we live with?

“Home is ____" pushes social practice into new territory through the re-emergence of feminist fiber practices while creating inclusive, safe and explorative spaces for participants to contribute to and amplify critical conversations about race, class, privilege, and houselessness. Using the traditionally domestic craft and traditionally female visual language of cross stitch our work contributes to a movement through practices that are joyful, creative, and community-based.

This Project has been supported by the UC Placemaking Initiative